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Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)  UV NDT Testing

MPI - Magnetic Particle Inspection UV Lights

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) & (MT) Inspection Lights for non destructive UV testing & inspection. Advanced NDT LTD stock a wide range of Labino Ultraviolet Lights/Lamps & Labino UV LED Blacklight Torches to suit your MPI testing needs with the use of fluorescent magnetic particles for wet testing on ferromagnetic materials.

Ultraviolet Lights Inspection Lights / Lamps & UV LED Blacklight Torches / Flashlights - For many NDT applications including: UV Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) such as Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Dye Penetrant UV Testing (DPI), UV Leak Testing, Purity Control, DNA Based Tracer Fluorescent Liquids (e.g. SmartWater™ Detection), Sanitation, Crime Scene Investigation, Forensics, Hotel Inspections, Art verification & restoration and more.

See our full range of Labino UV Lighting for MPI & MT NDT Testing below:

Need Help Choosing a Light?

We know it can be difficult selecting the optimum UV LED Light with so many models & options available.  

See our handy guides below or feel free to contact us.

Labino MB 3.0 UV LED Inspection Light MPI Dye Penetrant Testing with Athena Spray accessory

MPI - Magnetic Particle Inspection Principles & choosing the correct inspection UV Light for your NDT testing needs.

Magnetic Particle Inspection is used to determine an items conformity, productivity, safety & can be used for checking for fractures & cracking of ferromagnetic materials.  Used throughout the industry as a quick & easy NDT inspection method in a variety of sectors including aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, structural steel, turbines & product conformity to inspect a wide range of products and equipment such as engine, suspension and braking system components, castings, forgings and welds.

MPI Inspection can detect surface flaws such as cracks, laps, seams and inclusions in ferromagnetic materials such as iron and steel. One of the main advantages of magnetic particle inspection is that it can give an immediate indication of defects and abnormalities when using UV fluorescent particles & a UV Inspection Light at 365nm wavelength.

Our Labino MB 3.0 with Athena Spray can attachment allows for easy use of fluorescent ink for wet method MPI using UV light.

When fluorescent particles are used during NDT inspections, the particles will fluoresce most commonly as yellow-green due to this colour matching the peak sensitivity of the human eye under dark conditions, but certain brands do flouresce in other colours mainly for visual inspection without UV. 

 The particle glow provides high contract indications on the tested material where the particles have collcted due to abnormality, crack, defect etc to highlight the need for further testing & inspection, but is a good first indication.

We have a very wide range of UV Lights to choose from such as Bulb or LED technology, mains operated, portable battery operated, combinations of both, hand-held, bench mounted, in varying cases and intensities etc.


All offer instant or near instant start up times, with no pre cooling etc. Can be switched off and back on instantly & all operate with no external fans making them lighter and quieter, very useful in damp or dusty environments and require less maintenance.


  • They will still stay cool to the touch, especially useful in confined spaces. 

  • None of our lamps are affected by magnetic fields.

  • The battery models are fitted with current regulators to keep intensities stable when the battery power fades.


Our UV Lights are divided in to two main categories defining the light source technology the Lights are based on.  or LED (Light Emitting Diodes) or MPXL (Gas Discharge Bulbs) Standard MPXL 35w & SuperXenon MPXL 35w & 50w Lights.

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