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Labino LabinOil Leak Detection

LabinOil dye by Labino is a fluorescent dye and should be used with petroleum-based lubricants, used for detecting engine oil leaks quickly & efficiently in use with a Labino UV LED Torch.

The fluorescence in the LabinOil is a reaction that is activated by irradiating with UV-light. You don't need to clean the engine before or after the engine leakage test, nor do you need to empty the engine oil.

No special training is required when using the LabinOil Kit.

Sold either as a LabinOil Kit with a UVG2 UV Torch or available standalone in different sized bottles, see below. 

LabinOil Technical Information

Application Instructions

Step 1) 

  Make all parts of the engine visible, remove obstacles for better visual inspection (engine covers, heat shields etc.).

Step 2)

   Make sure the engine is free from fluorescent dye by using UVG2.  If dye is present, clean with a suitable solvent.

Step 3)

  Dye the present engine oil with approx 0.5% of LabinOil.  25ml Bottle should be suitable for a vehicle with 4-5 litres of engine oil.

Step 4) 

  Run the engine on idle for 1 minute to allow the dye to mix with the engine oil.  If the leak is too severe to run the engine, oil will need to be dyed separately before starting the engine.

Step 5)

   Check that the engine oil is suitably dyed by pulling the engine dipstick & checking for yellow fluorescence with your UVG torch. 

Step 6) 

   Carry out your visual inspection with your UVG torch to find any leaks.

LabinOil Kit Advanced NDT LTD Leak Detection
LabinOil 1L by Labino UV Leak Detection Labino.png
LabinOil Spec.png

Download LabinOil Brochure

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Tecnical Information
How to Use
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