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Labino DUV 35-W
UV Bulb / Lamp

DUV-35W - F101



The Labino® DUV-35W is an exceptional gas discharge UV bulb / lamp manufactured in cooperation with Philips.  Our high pressure arc bulb / lamp is characterized by superior output performance, intense UV light with a peak at 365 nanometres, and a long service life of over 2000 hours.


The Labino® DUV-35W is only to be used in combination with the Labino® Trigger Ballast as our electronic ballast was specifically developed to optimise the output from this light source.

Labino Philips DUV-35W MPXL F101 DUV 35W Bulb Advanced NDT Light F101 duv35w.png

DUV-35w (F101) Technical Information

Note: Due to Special Processes carried out by Labino, It is highly recommended to use Genuine Labino DUV-35W bulbs / lamps in your Labino UV Light to prevent any damage to the lights internal electronics and to give maximum performance and lifetime.

Using non Labino approved bulbs may invalidate your warranty.

Technical Data


• Labino article number: F101

• Lamp model: DUV-35W

• Condition for use: Only with the Labino® Trigger Ballast

• Luminous flux: 1200 Lm

• Luminous efficacy: 35 Lm/W

• Lamp wattage: 35W

• Lamp voltage: 85 +- 17 V

• Starting voltage: max 25 kV

• Emitted light energy: 4.5 W

• UV-A: 315-400 nm

• Service life: 2000 hours approx

• Pressure inside lamp: In cold state 2,6 bar, In hot state 40 bar

For Use In All Labino Standard MPXL 35w UV Lights and Labino SuperXenon MPXL 35w UV Lights.

Download Labino DUV-35w Brochure

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Technical Info
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