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Vision 365 UV LED Torch

Vision 365 UV LED Inspection Torch used for MPI & Dye penetrant inspection using UV365nm

The Vision 365 (UV365) Blacklight UV Inspection Torch from Advanced NDT Ltd offers a light, compact, long-life, high durability solution to UV inspection techniques.  Used for engine leak detection tasks over a small area, basic MPI & Dye Penetrant applications & general UV Inspection tasks where a large or strong UV beam isn't needed or necessary.


The VISION 365 Torch Light - Spotlight is a small-sized, lightweight, UV-A LED flash-light designed for quick inspections and access to “hard-to-reach” spots.

The high powered UV LED bulb gives intensity greater than 6,000µw/cm² (60W/m2) at 400mm with a visible light output of <20 Lux.


The LED creates UV light that peaks at 365 nm making it suitable for industrial, leakage and security applications. Full power is reached instantly. The on/off button is recessed in the back of the lamp to prevent accidental activation.

At full charge the batteries provide up to 6 hours of use. Recharge from a normal outlet or vehicle with included chargers. The kit also includes an extra battery, enabling you to charge one whilst using the other.

  • Length 14cm 5.5"

  • Weight 190 grams including battery.


• Single 365 nm LED (Peak Wavelength) LED life 20,000 hours on constant

• Constructed - CNC machined aerospace-grade aluminium, hard anodized finish extreme corrosion and wear-resistance 0-ring sealed

• Crystal lens

• Recessed tail cap switching mechanism is designed to prevent unintentional activation of the torch

• Water & Shock Resistant

• Lightweight

• The initial charging of the battery takes 12 hours after this recharging takes approximately 2 hours

• 3.7 Volts

• 2200 mh

• On /off switch momentary (instant start up)

• UV source 1 UV-A LED 6 WATT

• Wavelength:  365 nm (peak)

• Intensity >6,000 µw/cm² (60W/m2)  at 400 mm

• Visible Light: <20 Lux

• Length 14cm 5.5 inches

• Weight 190 grams including battery

• Battery life approx 6 hours (3 hours per battery).

• Re-charge 2 hours

• Can also operate on non-rechargeable CR123a Batteries (not included)

Vision365 Brochure 

What's Included?

1 x Vision 365 Blacklight UV torch (UV365)

1 x 240v Charging set

1 x Car charging Lead

1 x Battery + 1 x Spare (Two supplied only one required to operate)

Vision 365 UV LED Inspection Torch - What's Included

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Spec & Included
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