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Labino Nano UV375 UV LED

The Labino Nano UV 375 UV LED Torch Light is designed for security applications such as analysing Documents and the detection of DNA Based Tracer Liquids (SmartWater™) but it is also used for some leak detection applications and suitable to detect LabinOil.

The Labino Nano UV 375 Kit Consists of:

1 x Labino Nano UV 375 Blacklight UV Torch

1 x Battery charger

1 x Battery + 1 x Spare

1 x Belt Holster



• Instant Full Power.

• Equipped with current regulator to keep the intensity stable when the battery fades.

• Tail Push Button Switch to prevent accidental activation.Technical Specification

• Light Source: 1 UV-A LED

• LED Life expectancy: 30,000 hours plus (approx)

• Battery: 2 x Lithium-Ion 3.7V 600mAh Rechargeable Battery. Requires only one battery to operate, two batteries provided with each torch.

• Running Time: 35 Minutes approx per battery (constant use).

• Charge Time: 2 hours approx

• Torch Size: Length: 111mm

• Weight: 114g inc. battery

• Wavelength: 375nm

Labino Nano UV375 UV LED Brochure

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Labino A600


The Labino A600 Tripod enables the hands free operation of the LED torches. The legs can be adjusted to free stand on a surface or wrapped around objects to hold the torch in place.

Quote Part Number: A600

Spec & Included
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