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Labino Standard MPXL Lights

The Labino UV MPXL series of UV blacklight lamps produce very high UV light intensities, creating extreme excitation of fluorescent material, which makes it possible to see things, in daylight and at great distances, that was impossible with former technology.  Used throughout the NDT industry for tasks such as crack/leak detection, dye penetrant inspection (DPI), magnetic particle inspection (MPI) & many more non destructive testing applications requiring the use of a high intensity/wide UV beam.

Using a new type of low wattage bulb, they produce a higher UV output - yet generate little heat. This means that these black lights are safe to use in dark areas too as they stay cool without the need for inbuilt fans which draw dirt into the lights.


The Labino Standard MPXL Ultra Violet Lights are sealed to IP65 allowing them to be safely splashed with water in Penetrant wash areas.  Unaffected by surrounding magnetic fields, sealed to IP65 standards, in rugged aluminium housings. 

The Labino UV lights are designed for harsher industries & have been built with this in mind.


Various styles of lamps are available operating from either mains, battery or DUO power supplies.


Full UV intensity (4000 - 45,000µW/cm2, beam dependent) is achieved after about 5-15 seconds from start up, and can be powered down and restarted immediately with no wait times.

MPXL Model Variations

Beam Profile Choices




• Distribution angle (beam) 45°

• Intensity = >4,000 μW/cm²


• Beam Ø >1,200µw/cm²  = 250mm

• Visible Light = 2 Lux


Figures at a distance of 38cm (15 inches)


Widest beam but lowest intensity.

Distribution angle (beam) 20°

• Intensity = >12,000 μW/cm²


• Beam Ø >1,200µw/cm²  = 200mm• Visible Light = 3 Lux


Figures at a distance of 38cm (15 inches)


Medium beam with medium intensity.

• Distribution angle (beam) 3°

• Intensity = >45,000 μW/cm²


• Beam Ø >1,200µw/cm²  = 125mm

• Visible Light = 10 Lux


Figures at a distance of 38cm (15 inches)


Narrowest beam but highest intensity.

ANDT_LARGE Transparent_edited.png
Labino MPXL Standard Beam Profiles Spotlight Midlight Floodlight




Labino MPXL Lights Comparison

MPXL Table_edited.png

Specification subject to change without notice.

Labino TrAc Series Model Comparison

Labino Trac Light Comparison.png
Beam Profiles
MPXL Light Comparison
TrAc Model Comparison
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