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Ultrasonic Transducers/Probes

NDT Systems Inc. is world renowned for manufacturing the widest range of high-quality ultrasonic and bond testing transducers.

NDT Systems transducers cover all the industry-recognised standards including contact, dual element, shear wave, delay line, and immersion probes.  Additionally, we can offer bond testing probes with pitch-catch, resonance, and mechanical impedance (MIA) designs as well as a complete range of cables and test blocks.

Thanks to NDT Systems extensive knowledge, they have the ability to develop, design, engineer, and manufacture custom transducers on a small or large scale to meet your needs.  These transducers are also compatible with equipment from other manufacturers.

NDT Systems offers a comprehensive Aftercare and Recertification Service for all our probes as well those from other suppliers.  This recertification service is fully compliant with ASTM E1065 Standard Guide for Evaluating Characteristics of Ultrasonic Search Units and other applicable standards.  The service offers complete documentation, traceable to the ASTM E1065 standard.

With our transducers being used in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, metal, ceramic, polymer processing, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries, we realize that ultrasonic transducers are needed in all shapes, sizes, and frequencies. If you do not see what you need, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Nova Series - Ultrasonic Transducers/Probes

Precision Thickness Gauging Transducers

Nova Series Precision ultrasonic transducers tailored for thickness gauging instruments manufactured by NDT Systems. These Ultrasonic Probes are also an excellent choice for optimum thickness gauging on virtually any instrument. These transducers incorporate our Patented Auto-probe recognition technology for optimum instrument set-up.

NDT Systems Nova Series Ultrasonic Probes & Transducers - Advanced NDT LTD

Optima Series - Ultrasonic Transducers/Probes

General Purpose Thickness Gauging Transducers

Optima Series general purpose ultrasonic thickness transducers are available in Fingertip Contact, Rugged Contact, Standard & Miniature Angle Beam as well as Immersion and Dual Element Transducers. The Optima Series are premium series ultrasonic transducers, optimized for NDT Systems, Inc. instrumentation but are equally compatible with any manufacturers' instrumentation.  Optima Series Probes are available for both Flaw Detection and Thickness Gauging applications.

Optima Series Ultrasonic Probes - Advanced NDT LTD.jpg

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