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Engine Leak Detection Kit by Labino - LabinOil dye is a florescent dye and should be used with petroleum-based lubricants, used for detecting engine oil leaks quickly & efficiently. 

The fluorescence in the LabinOil is a reaction that is activated by irradiating with UV-light. You don't need to clean the engine before or after the engine leakage test, nor do you need to empty the engine oil.

No special training is required when using the LabinOil Kit.


The LabinOil kit includes:


1 x UVG2 2.0 Spotlight UV LED flashlight

6 x 25 ml bottles of LabinOil dye.

1 x Mains Charger

1 x Vehicle Charger

1 x Pair of UV Blocking Glasses

2 x Batteries

1 x Belt Holster

1 x Carrying Case

LabinOil also available separately in different sized bottles.

LabinOil - Leak Detection

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