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UV Light Meter for NDT

Use of a UV Light Meter for NDT Inspections

A UV Light Meter is used for checking the intensity of your UV Inspection Lights for their UV-A & visible light output for your compliance with testing requirements.  These levels must be checked for tolerance & UV output before inspections to ensure your UV lights are performing correctly and no indications could potentially be missed. 

 UV output cannot be determined without an appropriate UV meter as only the visible white light shows from your light, which cannot be an indicator of the UV intensity.  Many standards are written into NDT dye / fluorescent penetrant inspections now to ensure lights are correctly tested against a calibrated UV meter before inspections, this is to ensure UV output is within specification so that no indications are missed due to a faulty UV light.

UV Light Meter NDT Labino Apollo 3.0 - Advanced NDT

  We are pleased to offer the new & improved calibrated Labino Apollo 3.0 Light Meter.  The Labino Apollo Meter Measures both UV and Visible light via a wireless sensor for NDT Requirements. 

 Used industry-wide, a reliable radiometer and photometer in one instrument - small enough to fit in a pocket & gives reliable readings every time.  As with all UV Light meters for NDT Compliance, the Labino Apollo 3.0 must be calibrated every 12 months.  Contact us to arrange your yearly calibration.


New and improved model for 2023, purchase yours today - Labino Apollo 3.0

The Labino Apollo 3.0 Radiometer/Photometer is a small handheld wireless instrument for accurate measurement of UV-A irradiation and visible illumination.  Extra engineering effort is taken to make an accurate measurement of visible light emission from a UV-A lamp by incorporating a superior band pass filter stack containing only non-fluorescent filters. 
The instrument provides fast measurement as it offers auto-ranging and concurrent measuring of visible light and UV-A irradiation. Apollo 3.0 is traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) & ISO 3059-12.

This UV Light Meter is a key part of your Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Inspection equipment.  It is a high-quality digital instrument used to measure ultraviolet (UV) light and features a large LCD display for easy reading. With a wide range of UV wavelengths, this light meter is perfect for all UV inspection purposes.

 Its lightweight, portable design makes it easy to carry and it is equipped with a long-lasting battery for extended use.   Purchase this UV Light Meter today and make sure your inspection equipment is up to the task!

See below to purchase & for further product details.

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