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The Nova TG-110-DL is our most popular Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge. With a great ultrasonic performance and all the features that you may require, including a Through Paint option. A range of probes are available to cater for difficult materials, high temperatures etc. A simple hand-held, robust, general purpose Ultrasonic Thickness Tester ideal for many applications.


Nova TG110-DL General Purpose Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge 

• Class leading performance for the price

• Auto Probe Recognition

• Time encoded B-scan

• Multi-probe capability (Compatible with 10 probe types)

• USB, data logging, alarm modes

Nova TG110-DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge INCLUDING Transducer, Cable, Case, 50,000 Point Data Logger, Scrolling B-Scan, Spreadsheet View (GridView), Analogue Style Scan Bar, High/Low Alarm, Single & Dual Point Calibration and much more as standard.

The Nova TG110-DL Thickness Meter defines the standard for performance and value in Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges. It would be difficult, if not impossible to find an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge offering the long list of STANDARD features the TG110-DL does. For about the price of the competition's current fixed velocity, entry level gauge, Advanced NDT Limited is offering a fully loaded data logging ultrasonic testing thickness gauge.

The TG110DL offers fully adjustable velocity for perfect calibration. Most instruments in this price range offer you only a single velocity setting. This is where most others stop & the TG110 DL keeps going. Other features include data logging, single and dual point calibration capability, High & Low Alarms, High Speed Scan mode and an included time encoded 'B' Scan.

The TG110-DL is housed in a custom, all aluminium enclosure with gasketed ends. The case is designed for maximum comfort whilst offering the user maximum grip along the sides and back surfaces. Most other gauges have smooth surfaces that once wet with couplant are difficult to hold.

The display is a full 128 x 64 pixels (1.96" x 1.25") and incorporates simple language text for all menus. This is an industry first at this price point.

Try that on the usual 7 segment display unit.

Along with the 1/2" high primary numeric readout area an analogue style "Scan" bar is located at the bottom of the screen and represents a visual indication of the current material wall thickness. This is particularly useful while in the high speed scan mode. The eye can perceive these linear movements much easier than rolling digits making general thickness trend information easier to interpret.

Additionally, a graphic display permits logged data to be displayed in a grid fashion, much like a spreadsheet. The user can review the log by scrolling through the rows and columns much like a spreadsheet. Any value above or below a pre-set value will cause that cell to flash in the spread sheet view.

Metals, plastics, ceramics, glass or virtually any other material which conducts ultrasound can be accurately gauged over a wide range of thickness'. An optimized combination of high penetrating power and resolution make the miniature Nova TG110DL the choice for a countless variety of thickness measurement jobs, whether in the plant, field or the lab. One of the most outstanding uses for the TG110DL is to assess material thinning due to corrosion or erosion, including many types of pitting action. The Nova TG110DL Thickness Tester has proven ability to handle an exceptional range of adverse gauging conditions such as rough surfaces, contours and high temperatures, even tough to penetrate materials like cast iron.

You'll Find the NOVA TG110-DL at home in rugged field sites like refineries, pipelines and construction jobs, as well as shipyards, foundries, power plants, and throughout industries like automotive, mining, rail roads, and primary metals producers, even in food processing, paper production, plastics, ceramics and glass making.

Through Paint capability is available as an option. Both the standard version (TG110-DL) and the through paint version (TG110-DL-TP) will measure through paint and coatings etc. however the TG110-DL-TP will eliminate the paint thickness from the total thickness measured (material under test plus paint) giving you the material thickness only (material under test minus the paint).

Thickness Gauging Applications include: Corrosion, pitting, tanks, tube, pipe, glass, boilers, heat exchanger tubing, rolls, pressure vessels, machined parts, flanges, bridges, airframes, aircraft windows, glass plate, vessels, plastic shapes and pipe and containers, ship hulls/decking storage tanks, bulkheads boilers, axles, wheels, rails, steam lines, castings, pipes / tubing, plates / slabs / blooms casings, billets / bars, extrusions, forgings beams / struts and many more.



• Dual Element: Can only use double element probes

• Alarm Mode: Alarm mode on limits

• Differential Mode: Differential measurement from set value

• Auto Zero: Can automatically zero thickness

• Adjustable Gain: Gain can be adjusted

• Data Logging: Data logging in gauge

• Scrolling B-Scan Displays Time encoded B-scan

• Variable Units: Change between mm/ inch

• Multi-Probe: Can use multiple probe types

• Hand-held: Designed for hand-held use

• USB Connectivity: USB port (Data Logging Software included)

• Auto Probe Recognition: Automatically recognizes probe type

• Adjustable Velocity: Velocity can be adjusted

• Point Calibration: Single & Two point calibration

• Min/Max Mode: Measures maximum and minimum thickness

• Compatible with 10 probe types

• Back light- on/off/auto

• Echo to echo mode to measure through paint (Optional Extra)

• Coupling Indicator

• Direct Velocity measurement (option)

• Standard package includes cable, transducer, data transfer kit, manual, cert, couplant and Peli style shipping/ storage hard carry case


The Standard Nova TG110-DL Kit contains:

1 x Nova TG110-DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
1 x TG506 Ultrasonic Transducer
1 x LMD-1 Probe Cable
1 x Data Transfer Kit c/w Software & USB Cable
1 x UltraGel II Ultrasonic Couplant 
1 x Wrist Strap
1 x Operating Manual
1 x Certificate of Conformity
1 x Hard Carry Case


The Through Paint Nova TG110-DL-TP Kit contains all of the above plus:

1 x TG560P Ultrasonic Through Paint Transducer
1 x Through Paint Software (Pre installed in the Supplied Gauge)

(The Through Paint model eliminates the paint/coating thickness from the overall total thickness so only the material under test is measured.)


This item includes the standard probe(s) & cable only. Various other probes can be supplied separately dependent on your application requirements. Please contact us directly for more information if required.

Nova TG110-DL General Purpose Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

PriceFrom £1,240.00
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