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The Labino UVG Series products UVG2 2.0, UVG3 2.0 & UVG5-HEAD are small and compact professional UV LED lights with a powerful output that offer convenience during quick inspections.



  • UVG 2.0 Torches and Headlights reach full power instantly. The on/off button is positioned at the back of the torch. Same applies for the headlights, the on/off button is positioned on the battery box at the back. Location of on/off button aims to prevent accidental activation.
  • The length of the torch is 15.9cm (6.3 inches) and weighs 211 grams (7.4 oz), including battery. Each headlight weighs 271 grams (9.4 oz) including battery.
  • Each UVG light contains one ultraviolet LED that peaks at 365nm. The life of each LED is estimated at 30,000 hours.
  • Same batteries can be used for both torches and headlights. Each battery can be recharged from a normal outlet or vehicle via a 12v cigarette lighter connection.  Each light comes with an extra battery.
  • All UVG lights are equipped with a current regulator that keeps the UV Intensity constant even when the battery fades.
  • Models available to suit ASTM E3022-18, Rolls-Royce RRES 90061, Airbus AITM6-1001, The Boeing Company, USAF and Pratt & Whitney requirements. 


Your Choice…

  • Torch: UVG2 (clear glass) or UVG3 (white light block filter). 
  • Beam: UVG Torches are available in three different beams, Spotlight, Midlight and Floodlight. UVG Headlights are available in two different beams, Spotlight or Midlight.



Labino - UVG2 2.0

Part No: L133 (MID) & L132 (SPOT)


Labino UVG2 2.0 is a small-sized, lightweight, UV-A LED hand held torch designed for quick inspections in “hard-to-reach” spots.

 The Labino UVG2 2.0 UV LED Torches are used for many uses across various industries such as in Non Destructive Testing for MPI and DPI inspections, Leak detection, Purity Control. They are used by Police forces to detect forensic traces (e.g. body fluids) at crime scenes. They are widely used in the detection of fluorescent tracer liquids (e.g.. SmartWater TM). They are also used by art galleries and museums for Art Restoration and Art Verification. The list of applications using ultraviolet light is increasing all the time. The Spotlight and Midlight  UVG2 2.0 torch generate an intensity of approximately 100,000 μw/cm2 and 18,000 μw/cm2 respectively at 38 cm (15 inches). The running time is 4 hours. They weigh just 211 grams (7.4 oz).


Sealed to IP68 Waterproof 


Labino - UVG3 2.0

Part No: L136 (FLOOD), L135 (MID) & L134 (SPOT)

The Labino UVG3 2.0 is a very similar UV LED Torch to the UVG2 2.0 with the addition of a unique white light block filter that is not affected by solarization, for applications where the amount of visible light is critical. This filter eliminates the white light from the lamp and reduces the glare reflected from shiny surfaces i.e. aluminium, when you use the lamp along with UV Block glasses.
The FLOOD is in compliance with ASTM E3022-18, Rolls-Royce RRES 90061, Airbus AITM6-1001, The Boeing Company, USAF and Pratt & Whitney requirements.
The MID  is in compliance with ASTM E3022-18, USAF and Pratt & Whitney requirements.
The SPOT  is in compliance with ASTM E3022-18 requirements. The Spotlight, Midlight and Floodlight UVG3 2.0 torch generate an intensity of approximately 90,000 μw/cm2, 9,000 μw/cm2 and 4,000 μw/cm2 respectively at 38 cm (15 inches). The running time is 4 hours for the Flood & Spot and 8 hours for the Mid. They weigh just 211 grams (7.4 oz).Sealed to IP68 Waterproof 

UVG 2.0 Hand Held Torch Kit Includes: -

1 x UVG Torch (UVG2 2.0 or UVG3 2.0)
1 x Belt Holster
1 x Battery Charger Set
1 x Car Charger
1 x Wrist Strap
2 x Battery  (One to Use & One to Charge)
1 x Hard Carry Case
1 x UV Blocking Glasses
1 x Manufacturers Test Report (where applicable)


UVG5-Head Light Package Includes: -

1 x UVG5 2.0 lamp of your choice 

4 x Batteries (PN: B115) 

1 x Charging kit for wall outlet and car cigarette outlet (PN: B200)

1 x UV-A Goggles (PN: S505)

1 x 1 Power Supply Unit to charge without removing batteries (PN: B328).

Labino UVG Series - UV LED Torches

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