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Labino Nova Torch Forensic/Crime Kit - ALS

Labino Nova Torch - CSI & Forensic Lab Kit



The Labino Nova Torch ALS (Alternative Light Source / Alternate Light Source) Crime kit, the "Labino Nova Torch" is based on the popular - Labino UVG2 range of UV LED Torches.


The Labino Nova Torch Kit includes 8 high-intensity LED handheld lights in different wavelengths & a range of accessories, created for crime scene investigation, forensics, police investigation & laboratory use.

The Labino Nova Torch is a cordless battery operated torch light based on the latest LED technology.  The light emitting diodes emit a beam of light that is "evenly" distributed. The torch can be operated with 1 Li-ion battery and offers up to 3 hours of running time (continuous use) when fully charged.

  • Compact & Lightweight.

  • Instant startup with full power immediately.

  • Supplied with a tripod for hands free operation.

  • Supplied with 12v Car Charger for convenient charging on the move.

Labino Nova Torch - ORDERING OPTIONS

Nova Torch - Available in the following packages:

Nova Torch Light Crime Kit (Full Kit)

The Full Nova Torch Kit is Supplied Complete With:

  • 8 x Battery powered torches; (1 UV-365nm, 1 Purple-400nm, 1 Blue – 455nm, 1 Cyan-505nm, 1 Green-530nm, 1 Amber-590nm, 1 Red-625nm and 1 White Light).

  • 4 x Goggles (UV-block, yellow, orange, red).

  • 1 x Tripod

  • 10 x Lithium Batteries.

  • 2 x External charger for wall outlet.

  • 1 x 12v Car Charger.

  • 1 x Forensic camera filter kit.*(SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS)

  • 1 x Hard Carrying Case for 8 Torches.


Labino Nova Crime Torch Kit Advanced NDT (1).png

Nova Torch Light Crime Kit (Double Kit)


  • 1 x UVG2 Light

  • 1 x Coloured Torch of your choice.

  • 1 x Charger for wall outlet.

  • 1 x Car Charger.

  • 3 x Lithium Batteries.

  • 2 x Belt Holsters

  • 1 x Forensic Glasses (Choose Colour - Yellow, Orange, Red).

  • 1 x Carrying case.

Nova Torch Double Kit Advanced NDT (2).png

Nova Torch Light Crime Kit (Single Kit)


  • 1 x Coloured Torch of your choice.

  • 1 x Charger for wall outlet.

  • 1 x Car Charger.

  • 2 x Lithium Batteries.

  • 1 x Belt Holster

  • 1 x Forensic Glasses (Choose Colour - Yellow, Orange, Red).

  • 1 x Carrying case.

Labino Nova Single Kit Advanced NDT (2).png

*Forensic Camera Filter Kit 

The Forensic Camera Filter Kit (Included with the FULL Nova Kit or available to purchase separately).

Included in forensic camera filter kit:

  • 3 Filters (Red, Orange and Yellow) sized 100 x 84 mm (3.9 x 3.3 inch) each, 1 filter frame, carrying case, 8 camera adaptors (Ø 49 mm, Ø 52 mm,         Ø 55 mm, Ø 58 mm, Ø 62 mm, Ø 67 mm, Ø 72 mm,   Ø 77 mm).


MB Forensic Filter Kit Advanced NDT (1).png

Labino Nova Torch Crime Kit Applications

Advanced NDT Nova Crime Kit Applications Labino (1).png
Advanced NDT Wavelength Chart - Nova Torch (1).png

The Labino Nova Torch Light Crime Kit - Alternative Light Sources (ALS) are invaluable for detecting substances (forensic trace) at a crime scene such as: body fluids (semen, urine, saliva, vaginal fluids, blood, sweat etc.), bruising, hair, fibres, foot prints, fingerprints, Ninhydrine (treated fingerprints), Super glue (treated fingerprints), Lumicyano Treated Fingerprints, Fluorescent dyes, powders, stamps, markers, basic yellow 40, Cyanoacrylate, (SmartWater TM) and general searching.

Download Labino Nova Torch Brochure

Related Accessories

Olympos Measurement Stand


The Olympos measurement stand is a tool created to help NDT Technicians that claim compliance with any of the following standards: E3022-18, Rolls Royce RRES 90061, Airbus AITM-1001, to stay in compliance, by conducting regular measurement checks on their lights at 15 inches (38 cm).

Olympos measurement stand comes with three different size plates that can be used interchangeably on the stand.  This enables all Labino LED blacklights (UVG 2.0 Series, MB 3.0 Series, BB 2.0 Series) to be measured from the same distance (15 inches or 38 cm) using the Labino Apollo 3.0 UV and White light meter or any other meter.


Apollo 3.0 compact wireless sensor can be placed at a fixed position on the Olympos stand, providing accurate UV readings for all handheld Labino UV-A lights.

Labino MidBeam MB with Olympos Stand Advanced NDT (1).png

UVG Variable Gooseneck Arm

Part No: A532

The Labino A532 UVG Variable Gooseneck Arm has a clamp at the lower part that mounts on a bench or a hard surface and a clamp at the top specifically designed to fit the UVG series torches.  The snake shape body allows the user to form any angle required to keep the torch facing a specific position.

Labino MB Gooseneck Arm for UV LED Torches - Advanced NDT
Labino UV Blocking Glasses

Labino UV Blocking Glasses

Labino UV Blocking Face Shield

Labino UV Blocking Face Shield

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