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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with through-paint capabilities. 

The SIUI CTS-30C is our entry-level & most cost-effective ultrasonic thickness gauge with through paint/coating capabilities, ideal if you don't require any of the extra features required for some applications.   

This allows the CTS-30C to remain small, lightweight & with low power consumption making this an ideal gauge for use out on the field & is able to be attached to the wrist for convenience whilst testing.

  •  Low Power Consumption

  •  Fast zero point and two-point calibration

  •  Multi-probe selection: Thru-coating/ high temperature/ 2-7.5MHz probes

  •  Measurement function: Standard/ minimum/ average/ difference/ fast scan

  •  Large storage, data can be transferred to PC and generated as a TXT file.

SIUI CTS-30C_edited.png


The SIUI CTS-30C is a small, lightweight, cost effective,  entry-level ultrasonic thickness gauge with through-paint capabilities.  Especially useful for through-coating thickness measurement on painted & coated piping, machinery, shipbuilding, aeronaturical & aerospace industries - or for quick measurements at heights with its small lightweight casing.

Key Features

  • Fast Scan.

  • Two-Point Calibration Option.

  • Multi-Probe Selection.

  • Thru-Coating Measurement.

SIUI CTS-30C_edited.png

Technical Specifications

Pulse-Echo Mode: 0.8mm to 400mm on steel, depending on probe, material, temperature & setup.
Echo-Echo (Thru-Coating Mode): 3mm to 50mm in steel, depending on coating situation, material, temperature and setup.
Resolution: 0.01 mm.
Measurement Function: Standard, minimum, average, difference, scan.
Measurement Times: 2 times per second in normal scanning, approx 20 times per second in fast scan mode.
Data Download: Download to PC via the mini USB port.
Data Storage: Up to 5000 individual measurements.
Probe options: Through coating probe, high-temperature probe, 2MHz to 7.5MHz probes.

CTS-30C SPEC.png
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