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Avenger II
Avenger II Ultrasonic Flaw Detector by NDT Systems.

The Avenger II by NDT Systems is a rugged & lightweight handheld ultrasonic instrument used daily in the evaluation of investment castings, in-service inspection, plastics, turbine blades, tanks, tubes and pipes.


Incorporating a palmtop design and weighing only 800 grams, the Avenger II allows for a grip-orientated weight distribution to maximise ultrasonic testing efficiency.  Single-hand operation frees up the user’s other hand to manoeuvre the probe for a thorough inspection.  By utilising just a few keys, the operator can toggle through the menu navigation functions along with the menu architecture of the operating system with ease.  A ‘Display Rotation’ or ‘Flip’ feature is an added benefit to assist left-handed users (as well as right) with inspections.

The Avenger II flaw detector includes a Micro USB connection for fast data transfer and the Micro SD Card Slot enables data storage that is expandable up to 32 GB, upon request.  Additional standard features are the I/O port for single-axis encoding capability, input and TTL output for an external monitor alarm.  The Avenger II features a high capacity Li-Ion battery providing 8 hours of continuous operation with full charge.

Onboard analysis tools and reporting capability enhance the user experience and deliver high-quality inspection data.  The Avenger is designed to operate at a high level in all types of environments and meets the American Welding Society (AWS) standards as well as other published guidelines and requirements. 


AWS compliant wedges, shear-wave and straight-beam transducers, cables, and a calibration block are included in the kit.

Avenger II Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Advanced NDT.png

Key Features:


• Ultralight, weighs only 800g

• Code compliant to AWS Standards

• 2 Point Auto calibration

• Single Axis Encoded Scans

• A-Scan Capture as standard / 100 hours of UT data recording

• A-Scan and B-Scan Data analysis on the instrument and PC

• CE Marked

• Rugged – IP66 (Dust Tight, High Pressure Water Jet Safe)


Applications Include:


• Chemical milling

• Investment Castings

• Turbine blades

• Tube and Pipe

• Tanks

• Boilers Glass

• Metals, plastics, composites, glass, rubber

Avenger II Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Advanced NDT.png
Avenger II Front View Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Advanced NDT
Avenger II Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Side - Advanced NDT
Avenger Ultrasonic Flaw Detector In Box - Advanced NDT LTD

Avenger II Details

Avenger II is an ultralight ruggedized flaw detector for A‐Scan and B‐Scan data analysis. Ease of use isin the design oftheAvenger collection and theAvengerII is no exception, incorporating a palmtop design and ultralight weight. A high‐resolution display provides excellent brightness with the additional option of a white background for maximum visibility in direct sunlight. On‐board analysis tools and reporting capabilities enhance the user experience and deliver high quality inspection data. The Avenger II is a code compliant instrument and meets the American Welding Society (AWS) criteria. The optional AWS kit includes AWS‐compliant wedges, shear‐wave and straight‐beam transducers, cables and calibration block. Included software automatically calculates a D‐value to help improve inspection cycle times.


Avenger II Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Advanced NDT Specifications
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